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Get an in-depth view into the world of Hemp Genetics & Breeding by listening to these recent podcasts with our CEO & Founder Jeremy Klettke

Image of Reggie Weedman and Jeremy Klettke from the Lancaster Farming Hemp Podcast

"Hey Eric this is Reggie Weedman over on the west coast and Hawaii. I've been enjoying your podcasts and I wanna thank you for what you're putting out, I dig it. I've also been on a deep hunt into hemp genetics, and for Hawaii we're already a top two inch, two week pre-harvest and total thc state so it's been exceedingly difficult. I found some unicorns over in Bend Oregon I was wondering if you were interested in hearing about them?"

Digital Content

Davis Farm's was featured in Oregon Leaf magazine issue #76

Cover Magazine Davis Farms

      featuring our Purple Emperor on the cover

Esoteric Oregon Cannabis That Illuminates The Inner Self

Forbes article by Warren Bobrow

John Bayes pictured in Davis Farms Hemp Greenhouse for the Bhutan Glory project

Highlighting the Bhutan Glory Project
A Fund Raiser collaboration with Green Bodhi and Davis Farms
for His Holiness the Dalia Lama

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