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Davis Farm's was featured in Oregon Leaf magazine issue #76

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Highest Quality Hemp Seeds in the US

  • Federally Compliant
  • High Germination Rates
    • Germination Rates are third-party analyzed by Oregon State University's Seed Laboratory
  • Feminized Hemp Seed for CBD
    • All Cultivars are Feminized and verified by an accredited third-party laboratory 
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Feminized Hemp Seed

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Discover feminized hemp seeds for sale in varieties that are CBD rich and pest resistant.

Total THC Compliant

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Create a profitable hemp crop with CBD that is within federal compliance guidelines.

Education for Farmers

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Learn about Total THC compliance and hemp Genetics with our Webinar Series.

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The Davis Farms Advantage

Davis Farms has been working directly with top Universities throughout the United States to research and develop hemp seed varieties that are of the highest quality, with stable and predictable genetic outcome. We are proud to be able to offer you a product we stand behind 100% and we're dedicated to helping see farmers who choose our seed have success in the field.

Established in 2015 our hemp breeding program has focused entirely on varieties with a total THC content of less than 0.3% at full maturity. We have six truly USDA compliant and field tested CBD varieties with consistent CBD to THC ratios above 30:1. 

We pride ourselves in having the highest quality hemp seeds for sale in the US. We invite you to look at our Certificates of Analysis and compare them to any seed on the market or contact us directly to ask any questions.

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Bhutan Glory Project

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Fund Raiser for the Dalai Lama Library and Museum
100% of the sales will be donated from our Bhutan Glory feminized seed 

Are you just starting with Hemp and want to know more?

Example of Farmer's guide for Hemp Seed Sales and production

We have created guide just for you! 

Make sure that you know all the techniques and basics that every Hemp farmer should know.

Here are just some of the things you will learn in the guide

1. What are the various forms of hemp on the consumer market?

2. What climates are right to grow Hemp?

3. What is 3rd party verification and is it important?

Click below to get your copy of the exclusive report from Davis Farms

An educated farmer is a successful farmer

Buy from the CBD Hemp Seed Pros

When choosing a hemp seed provider for your farm, who do you choose? We make the decision easy by providing expert advice to each of our customers. We provide that personal experience and advice that you won't get from the competition. Your success is our success, we want to ensure you have a healthy and profitable hemp crop this year.

Have a question about growing hemp? Reach out to us directly if you have questions. We also have the 2020 Farmers Guide to Growing Hemp which is a fantastic resource, available free of charge to you. Davis Hemp Farms has been providing exceptional service to the American hemp farming community since 2015.

We really do take your success seriously, thats why we take the time upfront to understand your needs as a farmer and make sure we provide you the correct resources to ensure results. Our hemp seeds are guaranteed to meet USDA federal guidelines to be under .3% THC content even at full plant maturity. This guarantees you won't put your business at risk. Ultimately you need to sell the end product of your harvest, its not worth saving a penny to lose a dollar in the long run. Choose the experts; Davis Hemp Farms.

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