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A Quick Introduction to Davis Farms

Davis Farms has been working directly with top Universities throughout the United States. Researching and developing hemp seed varieties that are of the highest quality, with a stable and predictable genetic outcome. We are proud to be able to offer you a product we stand behind 100%. Davis Farms is dedicated to helping our farmers have the greatest success in the field.

Established in 2015, our hemp breeding program has focused entirely on varieties with a total THC content of less than 0.3% at full maturity. Offering six truly USDA compliant and field tested CBD varieties with consistent CBD to THC ratios averaging 30:1. While supplies last, six Delta 9 varieties are also offered for the 2021 growing season.

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality hemp seeds for sale in the US and abroad. We invite you to look at our Certificates of Analysis and compare them to any seed on the market. You can also contact us directly to ask any questions.

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"Varieties with no gray mold or white mold observed during the scouting period included Apollo, Eighty-Eight, Otakarek, Painted Lady and Skipper."

- University of Vermont, 2019 Hemp Variety Trials

"I personally think the genetics were well ahead of what we saw with our previous variety. They emerged and developed faster and stronger, a significant number had emerged in just 3 days which was pretty cool to see. We completed transplanting a full 8 days earlier due to their growth"

 - Jamie D. Hawaii    

"The Davis Genetics all went in between July 7th-20th at about 3-7 inches in height. We are very impressed with how fast these plants root, and grow along with the impressive flowering rate. We look forward to running all of your genetics this winter and next outdoor season."

- Jordan S. North Dakota   

"We had transplanted July 23 and both genetics grew vigorously for another 3-4 weeks before settling into flowering. Scents were pretty consistent on both the Apollo and Skipper, and downright stinky for sure! I had a great time growing the Apollo and Skipper and hope to grow more of your genetics in the future."

- Brad.  Hawaii

"Painted Lady, Otakarek, Apollo, Skipper, Eighty-Eight, were all high flower yielding varieties."

- University of Vermont, 2019 Hemp Variety Trials 

"I am so impressed with Davis Farms genetics, the germination rate and absence of male plants has been the best that I have seen.  The flower produced from Painted Lady is as elegant as the name suggests - absolutely beautiful, full, and impressive flower.  After researching all that is available out there, there was no doubt that I would come back to Davis Farms."

- Lorenda H. Georgia


Our University Partners

"Since the beginning our focus has been on creating the most terpene rich, stable, and reliable hemp genetics on the market." - J. Klettke

Federally Compliant

High Germination Rates

  • Germination Rates are third-party analyzed by Oregon State University's Seed Laboratory. Verified at 96-99% Viable

Terpene Rich Feminized Hemp Seed

  • All varieties we offer are Feminized and verified by an accredited third-party laboratory 
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Davis Farms Support

Selecting the right hemp genetics can be a daunting task. There is no question however, the correct genetics can make all the difference when it comes to your success in the field. We try to make that process easier by offering our expertise backed by years of University and independent field data.

At Davis we understand that we are successful only when the farmer using our seed is successful. Assistance in choosing the right variety for your climate, along with germination and field hardening techniques, cultivation techniques, and harvest technology, are all tools you will gain when purchasing our seed.

We back this support with a seed that is unparalleled in quality. Our genetics were all created from pest, pathogen, and virus free mother stock. Enabling us to guarantee that our seed is free of seed borne illnesses that could potentially infect the soil. We use the most advanced and gentle techniques to feminize our seed. Ensuring you get the highest rate of female to male population achievable and with little to no hermaphroditic potential. Our seed can even be used for certified Organic crop production. Our viability is far above the industry standard at 96-99% and seed purity of a similar caliber.

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We really do take your success seriously. That is why we take the time to understand your needs as a farmer up front. Making sure to provide you the correct resources to ensure results in the field.

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