Feminized Hemp Seeds

CBD Feminized Hemp Seeds for Sale

Most hemp in the United States is grown for the purpose of producing CBD products. While we do realize their are definitely many other purposes, CBD seems to be the market dominator in recent years.

Feminized Hemp Seed for Your Farm

The great thing about purchasing feminized seeds from Davis Farms is we provide the education, because an educated farmer is a successful farmer. We have free resources available here on our website, as well as offering open discussion by scheduling a call with our knowledgeable staff.


For more information on our Six unique varieties proudly bred with American feral and complaint at full maturity.

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The cannabis plant is multi-faceted with its ability to provide many different use cases along its various strands. Thats why its important to determine what your goals are so we can recommend the ideal option for you. Every farmer is not the same, so we take a 1 on 1 approach to fully understand what it will take to make you profitable with hemp.