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Get an in-depth view into the world of Hemp Genetics & Breeding by listening to this recent podcast with our CEO & Founder Jeremy Klettke

Image of Reggie Weedman and Jeremy Klettke from the Lancaster Farming Hemp Podcast

Webinar Video Series Replays

In this exclusive webinar from Davis Hemp Farms we will be going over the following topics:

  • How to create a germination space.

  • How to select the right materials and media (flats/inserts/soil/plugs).

  • What is the proper germination environment?

  • How to harden your plants for field readiness?

  • Q&A

What you need to know if you are growing hemp or planning on switching to hemp after the new federal regulation changes to 0.3% Total limit.

  • How to determine if your seed provider is registered and licensed in your state?
  • What to look for on a Seed Label?​​​​​​
    • ​​​Tests % for:
      - Inert Matter / Weed Seed / Noxious Weeds
      - Dormant Seed / Germ Rate / Other
      - Crop / Purity / Viability
      - LOT# / Packaged & Tested Date
  • How to determine seed quality?
  • How to plan your testing schedule - Pre and post-harvest testing.

In this exclusive webinar from Davis Hemp Farms we discussed the following topics:

  • How to differentiate between genetics?
    - Yield Potential
    - Mg/oil. per acre yield vs lb/plant
    - Sativa vs. Indica
  • Total THC Compliance - muddling through the snake oil salesman? 
    - Genetics determines compliance NOT stressors or farming techniques
    - Comprehensive testing COA
    - Fem and Germ rates
    - Purity tests any university studies and testimonials.
    All of this information needs to be determining factor for purchasing seeds.
  • How to trust but verify all data and analytics.

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