Feminized Hemp Seed for Sale to Industrial Farmers

The current most popular use for hemp grown in the United States is for the purpose of producing cannabidiol(CBD). For both oil production and terpene rich flower for the smokable hemp market. Each variety offered by Davis Farms of Oregon for the 2021 season is rich in CBD and Terpenes while remaining compliant trimmed at full maturity. That is correct, no early harvesting or frequent testing required to remain 50 state compliant.

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Most recent percentages from our COA's and major terpene content on all of our available varieties we currently offer as feminized hemp seed

Purple Emperor hemp with terpenes and Cannabinod numbers

Purple Emperor

Feminized Hemp Seed



At Davis Farms we understand every farmers situation is different and its our intention to provide a 1 on 1, hands on approach with all of our clients. The success of Davis Farms is intertwined with the success of not only the farmers growing our hemp seed, but the hemp industry in its entirety.

Feminized Hemp Seed


Feminized Hemp Seed

Bhutan Glory

Bhutan Glory is part of a fund raiser where 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our feminized hemp seed will go to the Dalai Lama's Library and Museum

Feminized Hemp Seed



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Feminized Hemp Seed


Proudly bred with American feral hemp

Feminized Hemp Seed

Painted Lady

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Feminized Hemp Seeds

Feminized hemp seed are always the most desirable for planting a hemp crop. We offer the highest quality feminized hemp seeds on the market today, and guarantee your satisfaction. Since 2015 we have been serving the American hemp farmer with terpene-rich, multi-variety, high CBD seeds for a successful hemp harvest year-over-year.