About our Founder and the American Feral Story

At Davis Farms of Oregon, our primary focus has been on breeding the Gold Standard for Cannabinoid and Terpene Rich feminized hemp seed genetics. Our genetics are selected for commercialization based on several agronomic and performance factors. These genetics were created through an extensive research & development program. Selections were made over many years of trialing across a wide population of parent lines. Breeding not only for compliance and compound production but also for a wide range of microclimate challenges across a wide range of latitudes.

The founder of the company, Jeremy Klettke has spent decades cultivating and researching the cannabis plant. His passion has brought him throughout the world, including an opportunity to work in Switzerland growing at field scale in 1997 and 1998. Jeremy has since had opportunities to work with cannabis in Holland, Czech Republic, Malawi, S. Africa, Colombia, Ecuador, Australia, Greece, Canada, and the United States.

In 2007 Jeremy entered the Oregon Medical Cannabis Program and began to develop the genetic platform and relationships that would lead to the formation of Davis Farms seven years later in 2014.

Recognizing the value of CBD early on Jeremy established himself early on as a breeder and producer of the highest quality Type II & Type III cannabis products for medical cannabis patients. In late 2015 Jeremy turned the bulk of his focus towards Type III plant breeding after engaging with the Oregon State Farm Bureau and the Oregon Department of Agriculture to help develop reasonable CBD hemp policy.

During this process the lack of quality genetics to fill the market became apparent. Since that day it has been Davis Farms' primary focus to develop cannabis chemotypes specifically for CBD (cannabidiol) production, while retaining unique terpene and minor cannabinoid expressions. With the center of attention being the development of varieties containing a Total THC concentration of less than 0.3%.


Davis Farms Founder & CEO Jeremy Klettke has spent decades studying the cutting-edge science around the endogenous cannabinoid system and how it is impacted by the entourage of compounds contained within the cannabis plant. Jeremy's recent focus has been the research and development of cannabis chemotypes specifically for CBD (Cannabidiol) production, and most specifically on the development of varieties containing a less than 0.3% Total THC. Varieties that allow a farmer to take their crop to full maturity, full yield potential, and full compound expression without the fear of exceeding the THC threshold.

Image of the Oregon Cascade Mountain Range

Davis Farms is nestled up to the back side of the Cascade mountains in the heart of Central Oregon. The main facility is located in the center of a large private ranch and wildlife corridor. Davis Farms considers it our duty to be stewards of this wild land. With this at the heart of operation, the majority of the property is managed for wildlife such as deer, elk, bobcat, coyote, horned owls, and mountain bluebirds. Our desire is to leave the land in better condition than we found it for the sake of our children’s children.

In addition to our breeding & seed production facilities, we maintain a small working farm which includes; Several seasonal organic gardens, a greenhouse for year round food production, Honey bee colonies, horses, seasonal cattle, an ever growing brood of chickens, and a pack of the most lovable dogs you’ll ever meet.

Davis Farms of Oregon’s American Feral Story

Drawing depicting the harvesting of a hemp crop
Hemp For Victory historical campaign

Davis Farms recognized the need for the development of stable Type III hemp plants as early as 2014. Due to the lack of quality foundation breeding stock for this purpose, Davis Farms made it their mission to seek out and preserve the American feral lineages. The same plants that once created the sails and ropes of commerce to build this nation. The American Feral story is one of things that makes Davis Farms and the Mariposa line unique.

Havesting Hemp historical

Commonly referred to as 'Ditch weed', these feral hemp plants are the living descendants of the industrial hemp our forefathers grew. These varieties had been surviving well and adapting to the environment through natural selection since as far back as the 17th century.

Decades of experience breeding high CBD and high THC cannabis for resin production led the breeders at Davis Farms to believe that most of the resin producing hemp plants were not well adapted to seasonal outdoor farming, and that one of the keys to building a sustainable CBD hemp industry would be field hardiness.

Hemp seeds sprouting their tap roots

As a result, Davis Farms assembled a population of 423 viable feral seeds collected from seven states in the US and went to work selecting through them. From the original 423, there were 96 females and 5 males identified with promising traits. The 96 females were then mothered, cloned, and grown out across five acres to look at a good population from each mother.

Hemp Seedling spreading across multiple tables
Greenhouse canopy full of healthy hemp plants

From that initial seasonal field trial Davis Farms identified 22 female feral plants worth looking into and spent the next three years further selecting from the progeny of these 22 females and the original 5 males. The team at Davis then combined these plants with high resin producing CBD anomalies containing ratios of 20-25:1 and selected for hardiness, vigor, as well as terpene & cannabinoid content. The result of this work is the Mariposa line of 12 compliant CBD rich hemp varieties. These varieties are truly unicorns among hemp, having CBD to THC ratios that average 30:1 and Total THC contents below the federal threshold of 0.3% at maturity. The terpene profiles of these varieties are also of connoisseur quality making them well suited to the smokable flower markets.